Friday, March 21, 2014

Beneath Release Chalice from The Barren Throne

Celebrate your Friday with the scalding sounds of “Chalice,” the latest canticle of cruelty from Iceland-based death metal miscreants, BENEATH. The tune, now playing in lyric video form courtesy of No Clean Singing, comes off the band’s alarming sophomore full-length, The Barren Throne, set to drop via Unique Leader Records next month.


Comments vocalist Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason of the tune: “‘Chalice” revolves lyrically around this quintessential object, something so desirable you will do anything to possess it. But this blind, obsessive desire will burn ones tongue to ashes, drowning your lungs with muck.”


Adds No Clean Singing, “‘Chalice’ is a super-heated, blast-furnace explosion of technical death metal viciousness. It displays not only an eye-popping level of instrumental skill (and a complete lack of mercy), but also a dark, seductive melody that makes the song memorable. It’s a fantastic teaser for what should be a highlight of 2014 for fans of obliterating tech death.”


Skin your ears to the sounds of “Chalice” at THIS LOCATION.


With an unrelenting fifty-three minutes of technical death metal severity through eleven new tracks, on The Barren Throne, BENEATH has sought to envelope melody, atmosphere and structure within its manic blastbeats and speed-picked guitars. The album evolves lyrically and conceptually around the idea of inevitable self-consumption. The follow-up to 2012′s Enslaved By Fear, the dynamic The Barren Throne is BENEATH‘s first release with new vocalist, Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason, who joined the lineup in June 2013. The album’s massive production was achieved by the Wieslawski brothers of famed Hertz Studios in Poland (Behemoth, Dead Infection, Vader, Decapitated), and the album artwork once again sanctioned to the masterful Raymond Swanland. The end result is a complex and procedural, yet dynamic album that rewards repeated listening. The Barren Throne will be released worldwide on April 29th.


Formed in the winter of 2007/2008, the members of BENEATH have all been active in the Icelandic metal scene for some years, with current and former connections to Sororicide, Changer, Atrum, Azoic and Diabolus. Following their live debut supporting The Black Dahlia Murder in January 2009 and winning the inaugural Icelandic finals for the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, BENEATH became the first Icelandic band to perform at the Wacken Open Air festival in August 2009. More festival appearances followed, amongst others Death Feast Open Air in 2010 and Neurotic Deathfest in 2011. In February 2010, BENEATH released their debut Hollow Empty Void EP on Mordbrann Musikk which landed them a union with Unique Leader Records.


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