Sunday, March 9, 2014

P.F. Chang's Review / Summit Mall, Akron, Ohio


P.F. Chang’s Review / Summit Mall, Akron, Ohio /

The ambiance of the restaurant is very inviting, with a set of distinct colors allowing for a look that will immediately draw individuals in. We were immediately brought to our table and had our drink orders taken. The soups and salad were ferried out in short order. The salad goes beyond typical restaurant fare, uniting typical lettuces with more esoteric greens. What results is something wholly unique, with a salad dressing that provides further oomph. The hot & sour soup is much more comprehensive of an effort than what one will typically find at an Asian restaurant; there is a considerable amount of chicken, tofu, and egg that will keep diners going as their entrees are prepared.


The Singapore Street noodles have delectable rice noodles and a panoply of additional inclusions (chicken, shrimp, and vegetables), while the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce has an ample amount of meat with a more muted set of flavors (black beans, scallions, mushrooms, eggs, and peas). If your party can soldier along, P.F. Chang’s has one of the most massive desserts that we have ever consumed – The Great Wall of Chocolate. The cake has to weigh in at over a pound, and contains a luxurious amount of icing and fresh fruits. All together, we were able to have a feast for two at around $50.


P.F. Chang’s is a great restaurant in terms of low price points, rapid-fire service, and a variety of items that will appease young and old. The spectrum of dishes that the restaurant offers makes it easy for veteran fans of Asian foods to find something fulfilling just as easily as those that may not be too familiar with this sort of fare. Visit for more information regarding their menu, local locations, and to sign up for the restaurant’s email list.

Rating: 8.5/10