Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunshine Riot A Fresh Bottle & A Brand New Day CD Review


A Fresh Bottle & A Brand New Day contains a number of distinct compositions that stand up to repeat listens. Norfolk County Jail is a track that touches upon a wide array of styles, moving effortless through punk, folk, and alt-country, as Sunshine Riot is able to immediately impress listeners. Natural Causes is a soft and sedate sound that gradually picks up steam. The guitar and bass dynamic that is created during this track keeps things cerebral while the vocal dynamic makes this track eminently easy to pick up. A solid production unites the two elements with nary a seam. Cotton Fevour takes up hints of Soul Asylum and infuses a current and contemporary sound into the mix. Of particular note during this track has to be the stellar guitar and slightly raspy vocals. While disparate elements, the pieces combine to create something that sticks with listeners long after the album has ceased.

Old Soul Blues is another hit for the band. The track is tremendously emotive and utilizes dark and light in a way that is wholly unique. Topping the composition with resounding drum lines and a set of vocals that are Cobain-tinged, Sunshine Riot keep the tempo of the disc quick and inviting to listeners. Quicksand Love hits on all cylinders; the rich musical tapestry that highlights and supports the rich vocals allows the track to easily make it onto rock rotation. The one-two punch of Sweet Kerosene and Home that concludes the disc is an emphatic closing to an album that works. Make sure to visit the band’s website at or their Facebook at .

Top Tracks: Norfolk County Jail, Old Soul Blues

Rating: 8.4/10

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