Monday, March 3, 2014

The Conduit Interview

Six is your latest album. How did the release move from initial thought to finished effort? Initially, I wanted to develop a technical and progressive musical project that was still viable enough to resonate well with a large demographic of people. I love heavy metal music, and I want the public to understand this genres sophistication. With this in mind I am discovering formulas to make my original ideas more attainable to people who don’t understand the beauty of technical music. I don’t want to only have appeal to a metal demographic, I want everyone to enjoy The Conduit. When the production of my first EP became finalized, I don’t know if I accomplished this “widely attainable metal” vision as well as I originally intended, but I feel that completing this EP is taking a leap forward in making progressive metal a more secular genre.


Why is the album called Six? I had my tarot cards read by a clairvoyant numerologist and she said that the The Conduit project would start having a great impact this year because my numerological identity is the number 6, so it places me in this cycle. I also love and worship this number. The Conduit is currently ranked 19th in the RDX metal charts, has been added to 13 fm radio playlists world wide, and it receives more acclaim each day.

What is your favorite composition off of the album? My favorite composition is Intention 2. This song captures a profound assimilation of emotional chemistry through the way the instrumentation is written and performed. My supporters understand that the feelings conveyed through Intention 2 are authentic and genuine. When writing this song I focused intensely on constructing a unique and pure identity. I don’t focus on emulating music that has “worked”. I want to start something brand new, sincere, and significantly influential.

Who has influenced you as a musician? My favorite band right now is Vildhjarta. They have initiated an extremely infectious movement in the djent metal genre with a remarkable chemistry, a heavy attitude, and a more complex identity than any other musician I have heard. These guys are innovative and can unveil some of the darkest aspects of the human psyche if you’re receptive to their music. I also love Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Tesseract, Monuments, and Protest the Hero.

How supportive is the Orlando metal scene? The Orlando metal scene seems to receive this project well. I get many compliments and many critiques but I try to ignore every remark. If metal people love it thats great but I expected that. I don’t need compliments because I want no external influence deviating this movements course. I don’t care for critics unless they’re people who have already achieved in attaining what I am pursuing. Every critic has an idea of how music SHOULD work, so they should go write it themselves. My best supporters are just those who groove to the music and I have many like these nationwide that I am eternally grateful for.

Do you have any particularly interesting stories about your travels as a musician? I just got back home today from traveling with the 95 South group of Orlando, Florida. Be careful to not find yourself in gang territory when you travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. We arrived at a hotel last Saturday with blood stains on the ceiling, holes in the doors, carpet torn up, and SUR 13 painted on all of the walls. We got out of their immediately once we saw people watching us while we stood outside. Apart from that, I performed with my band in a tree house mansion in Boston, Massachusetts where most of our audience was comprised of flower children under the influence of Mollie. I think the venire was called Cloud 9. I don’t think kids should do drugs but I am just glad that they had a good time and didn’t get hurt.

How does a track move from initial thought to finished effort? I devote much of my concentration into a single guitar riff. I probably write 5 or 6 riffs that I enjoy before I start writing guitar harmonies, drums, and bass. Once I have the instrumentation recorded, I write lyrics about things pertaining to altered states of consciousness, demonology, love, hate, and apocalypses. This is usually what my poetic identity alludes to but this is constantly changing. I write melodies in the most captivating way that I can then I have it recorded to the instrumentation. If I like the final product i release it eventually.

Are there any live dates or events that you will be performing to support Six? The band will be officially touring in July. We are still waiting on our agency to know any dates. We will be performing shows locally until then.

What are your plans for the rest of 2014? I want to achieve more acclaim through the radio campaigns, tours, and press releases to provide The Conduit with more viable momentum. The main goal is to just keep writing music for the public to enjoy. I have positive intentions and my only purpose here is to contribute something influential. Maybe the music will inspire engineers, inventors, and charitable causes that change the world for the better.

Do you have anything else to tell NeuFutur readers? Keep it real. Thanks for your support.