Monday, March 10, 2014

Sympathy for the Lager Review


Sympathy for the Lager is a refreshing take on the lager style, as Karbach has provided a considerable amount more hops than would normally be present in the run of the mill lager. This slight bit of bitterness ensures that individuals could use the beer as a palette cleanser, while having enough twists and turns to keep imbibers interested from beginning to end. The balance that exists between the hop bite and the grain flavors indicative of the style will make this beer eminently drinkable for those that actively search out cutting-edge micro efforts and those that have not had the chance to dip their toes into craft beer. The beer’s flavor dissipates quickly, ensuring the individuals will be able to experience Sympathy for the Lager in a new light with each sip. The 4.9% ABV of the beer puts it directly at a level comparable to other beers on the shelves of gas stations and supermarkets (for those states with lax beer laws), while the flavors that Sympathy for the Lager possesses puts it heads and shoulders beyond these releases.

Go to the Karbach Brewery website for more information about the brewery’s efforts, hosted events, and further information for the tours that the company provides through their premises.

Rating: 7.5/10

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