Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monty Greig I Just Want To Dance Single


I Just Want To Dance starts out with fiery horns; Greig’s inimitable vocals kick in shortly after. The track is able to take parts of the fifties, eighties, nineties, and today; Greig has frenetic energy through all three minutes of this cut; hints of the New Jack Swing era of R’n’B  and the swinging lounge sounds of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin represent major influences to Greig on I Just Want To Dance. The dynamic that is created through the interaction of the aforementioned horns, percussion, bass, and vocals makes for a track that will stick with listeners long after the track ceases. The production of I Just Want To Dance is absolutely stellar, allowing the arrangement to seem neat and tidy while having tremendous amounts of emotional appeal. I Just Want To Dance continues to gain speed through its second half; as the horns and the remainder of the instrumentation continues to gain steam, Greig’s vocals are provided a proper palette upon which to shine.

To find out more information about Greig’s music, videos, promotional pictures, biographical information and latest updates about his music, his domain is . I would strongly recommend Greig’s music to anyone that looks to have a distinct alternative to what is currently being released for radio rotation.

Rating: 8.7/10

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