Friday, March 7, 2014

Doug MacDonald Band Mr. Bones CD Review


The titular track to Mr. Bones is led by a story that would hang with the most memorable of country and western stars of the fifties and sixties. Doug MacDonald keeps things utterly vibrant and infuses this timeless style with a bold style and an inimitable set of pipes.

Honk Your Horn is a standout track on Mr. Bones, showcasing a delightful dynamic between the different elements of the Doug MacDonald Band. The track has a very straightforward approach that provides a breath of fresh air to the melodic rock of Loverboy or the Black Crowes. A guitar line that builds off of the Breeders classic Cannonball spins the track in a more psychedelic fashion.  Shady Avenue puts the instrumentation front and center, establishing a wholly different feel to the album. When the vocals ultimately kick in, listeners will be treated to a Zappa meets Neil Young feel. Flip Flop Nation is a late-disc effort that will keep listeners utterly focused in on Mr. Bones, as the instrumentation instills a sense of urgency to the remaining compositions on the title. Don’t Turn Around may be the longest track on Mr. Bones, but it’s four and a half minute runtime will come and go quickly.

Interested individuals can purchase a copy of Mr. Bones from iTunes or CDBaby ( ); visit MacDonald’s website for more information about the project, live show listings, and other band ephemera. Mr. Bones is one of the best albums that we have reviewed in 2013, blending together a wide array of genres and styles with a sound that would make it onto rotation on any sort of radio station.

Top Tracks: Honk Your Horn, Flip Flop Nation, Don’t Turn Around

Rating: 9.0/10

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