Saturday, March 1, 2014


How are all you smell-fetishists out there? How about you lovely, sensual scent-thusiasts, always ready for a new eau de parfum to call your own? We’re not talking about those of you spending random evenings wishing you were surrounded by warm, dank body odors in the dirty clothes hamper at Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy‘s house, but those of you with a nose for complexity and design in the fragrant-world surrounding you! You know what Bonnie sounds like, you know what he looks like, and now the ‘Prince’ has even more for your deprived senses – a wonderful and intoxicating new fragrance on the Sanae Intoxicants line. We first told you about the “ Bonny Billy” scent a little while back, remember? Maybe it’s intoxicated you ever since, like it has us! If it hasn’t, you should know you can enjoy the pleasure of smelling the sweet world as Bonnie envisioned it, any place you want, either as a gateway intoxicant or as just a li’l fix til the next - at a very special “true fans” price - direct from Drag City!

Yep, in the comfort of your own home, or, for the voyeur, out in (or near the) public – waft away with Sanae Intoxicants’ “Bonny Billy.” Sanae Intoxicants specializes in scents, and their latest is inspired by the wild and wooly Bonne Bill hisself. Here’s what they say at Sanae: “Underneath the bouquet of the mukhallat, on a warm, Egyptian jasmine, tobacco night, rocks the ancient, romantic rhythm of the Assam oud. Relish in this mystical, swirling dance. It will light up all who surround you.” In other words, it’s what he likes his crotches to smell like. Grab your 50ml bottle today, and get intoxicated with Bonny Billy!