Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eluusif Aliens Do It Better EP Review

Aliens do it better cove1400X1400a / 2014 Self / 6 Tracks / / /

Hair Like Skrillex is destined to be a single; the track never takes a breath as it takes listeners on a ride and dumps them abruptly into the next effort, Justin Bieber Is An Android. Justin Bieber Is An Android is a slower, more trance-laded effort that is able to keep the sharpness of the dubstep style while inserting hints of grime and late-nineties scratching.

You Should Be Mine (both the original and the Craniel Daig Mix) could easily be on rotation on the biggest EDM and dance podcasts (the Annie Mac MiniMix, A State of Trance), but No I Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend may just be the strongest track on this release. A computer-generated voice introduces listeners to the track, while a flurry of electronic noises (think Knife Party meets Anjunabeats) provide fans with an otherworldly sound. The narrative generated by this voice is put through a variety of different contortions, generating a certain harmony that permeates the entirety of the track.

Eluusif expands the idea of EDM due to the sheer eclecticism that drives each of the tracks on the Aliens Do it Better EP. Even with touching upon children’s choirs, traditional Asian arrangements, and industrial noises, there is a cohesion present to this EP that ensures that listeners will continue to go back to these tunes. Visit Eluusif’s website for more information about his compositions, his biography, and links to each of his compositions. Expect Eluusif to be the next big thing in dance music / EDM for 2014 and beyond. With nary a weak track on Aliens Do It Better, this release bangs hard from beginning to end.

Top Tracks: Hair Like Skrillex, Justin Bieber Is An Android

Rating: 9.0/10