Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Van Burens Presidential LoveFest EP



Miss Lola Overture provides a solid introduction to the Presidential LoveFest EP, allowing listeners in less than a minute to understand where The Van Burens will ultimately go with this release. Tricky Dick will provide listeners with some background about Richard Nixon’s illegal activities (the break-in at the Watergate Hotel). The track builds off of the sounds and styles of the sixties and seventies, blending together rock and funk elements with a sizzling guitars and a similarly snappy set of horns. The track will bounce around listeners’ minds long after the cut (and the whole of Presidential LoveFest) ceases. Hey Everybody switches things up as The Van Burens link together reggae and first-wave ska with a trippy set of guitars. Fans of Peter Tosh and Marley will be able to find something to appreciate, while those fans of smart instrumentation can take a number of listens to properly unravel all the nuances present in this effort.

This Town is the longest track on the Presidential LoveFest EP, and it allows the band to create an epic composition. The swirling eddies of horns and expansive guitar work allow the band to have a full narrative created without the utilization of vocals. When the vocals do kick in, they do more than merely establish a story – they contribute to the overall feeling of the track while operating in both narrative and musical qualities.

Individuals that wish to hear samples from the Presidential LoveFest EP can locate them on the Van Buren’s websites; visit their main domain for more information regarding their shows, set lists, and merchandise.

Top Tracks: Tricky Dick, Hey Everybody, This Town

Rating: 8.4/10

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