Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jennifer Adan I Don't See Heaven Book Review


Jennifer Adan has just released a book, I Don’t See Heaven. The title provides children with methods of coping after the death of a loved one. Isabella gets on a flight with her family – a baby brother, mother, and father. After all the years of being told that her grandfather is up in Heaven, looking down at her, Isabella cannot see him amongst the clouds. This is a particularly major blow for her, and she becomes extremely sad. Along the way, Isabella is comforted by those that are around her. Achieving a better understanding of the situation, Isabella is able to be happy again. This book has tremendous ability to teach children to love those that are actively there supporting them, along with keeping the proper amount of reverence for those that may be gone (moved away or passed on).

Adan’s writing style is very approachable, ensuring that children of all ages will be able to pick up the book. The writing is good enough to bear repeated readings, while the age range that can take lessons from this title is fairly substantial (3 to about 7 or 8). The book contains a number of illustrations by E.A. Morando that further flesh out the story and allow readers to imagine the activities that are taking place in the title.

This childrens’ title is available in paperback and on the Nook. Jennifer Adan also is a storied musician; further information about her turns as author and musicians can be located at her domain, – visit it regularly for current news and updates about her events.

Rating: 8.3/10


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