Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bowflex Boost Review





The Bowflex Boost provides users with a tremendous amount of information regarding their workout, and provides real-time information regarding the progress on a specific exercise or level of fitness. Boost collects data at all points of the day and removes much of the major hassle of inputting data regarding types of workout (strenuous/light, weights/crossfit/running). The Boost contains a battery that will ensure that the device continues to measure for well over a week. After the initial amount of data is placed into the app, the Boost will continue to update with information regarding overall activity levels, the amount of calories burnt, and overall sleep health. Individuals that have purchased the Bowflex Boost will be further energized by the ability to place various accolades on social networking services including Facebook and Twitter.


The Boost is functional with a variety of cellular and computing devices – Bowflex has assured that the app works with the iPad mini, iPad, iPod Touch (5g and later) and iPhone (4S/newer). The device syncs itself with the app through Bluetooth, and the silicone bracelet ensures that individuals can wear the Boost at all points during the day, no matter what sort of exercise or activity that they may be conducting.


The Bowflex Boost can be purchased directly from the company for $49.95. We heartily recommend it as a stocking stuffer for anyone that is interested in becoming (or staying) fit and has a compatible cellular device. For those that have purchased the Boost, what do you think of it?


Rating: 9.4/10


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Bowflex Boost Review