Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man & Hulk Heroes United Blu-Ray





Iron Man & Hulk Heroes United is a tour-de-force about two of Marvel’s hottest characters, Hulk and Iron Man. The two work together to defeat Zzzax. Zzzak is that perfect sort of villain; as a being of energy, neither the sheer strength of the Hulk nor the array of weapons available to Iron Man seem to cause any damage. It only is when the duo are able to meet minds that they can create a strategy that will ultimately works. The Marvel CG Animation has a wonderful set of hues and palettes used, while the voice work is similarly top-notch. Actors Dee Bradley Baker (Zzzax), Adrian Pasdar (Iron Man) and  Fred Tatasciore (Bruce and The Hulk) imbue each character with life, while the script blends the perfect amount of conflict and resolution. The animation style here does a great job in capturing both the comic and silver screen versions of the characters.


This release is further bolstered through the inclusion of a variety of additional features. This means that Mash-Ups provide viewers with a wholly different interpretation of earlier Marvel cartoons, while the Marvel Team-Up showcases the amount of work thast goes in to creating a story that works within the mythos of each relevant hero. Joe Quesada’s take on this process is absolutely illuminating, while Ryan Penagos pushes Quesada in all the right directions.


A copy of Iron Man & Hulk Heroes United can be purchased at brick and mortar and online stores for around $30. This release would be the perfect gift for any fan of Marvel comics or superheroes generally.


Rating: 8.8/10


Iron Man & Hulk Heroes United Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy / 2013 Marvel / 71 Minutes /