Monday, November 4, 2013

Wicked Audio Heist In-Ear Headphones


The Heist headphones are incredibly well-designed. The design of the earbuds ensures that there is a close fit for the largest amount of the population, while the muted red/white coloration of the pair that we received absolutely popped whenever they were in our ears. I feel that the fidelity of the Heist headphones is comparable to headphones that are priced at the $100-dollar mark. This means that there is a faithful reproduction of a wide variety of audio, whether it be speeches, songs, or straight noise. Rap cuts sound as thick and bass-heavy as they should, while guitar solos can be picked apart just as easily as if they were heard on a full speaker set. The gold plated jack is likely a contributing factor

The build quality of the Heist Headphones is nothing to scoff at; one can throw them in a purse, a book bag, or a suitcase and be able to untangle and use them for years. This pair of headphones is incredibly cheap (around $15) but is not cheaply made. This would be a perfect gift to children that roughhouse with their electronic toys, or for those that want a cheap pair too throw in their workout bags.  Make it a point to check out their Wicked Audio website for more information about their product line and further news about the products that will be dropping down on store shelves for this holiday season.

Rating: 9.3/10

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