Friday, November 29, 2013

Down Home Band featuring Jeff Estes Monrovia CD Review



Cajun Queen is a catchy bit of blues-rock that unites a strong instrumentation with a narrative that is weaved through the entirety of the album. The smooth, soulful vocals that listeners experience through this introductory track buttresses well with Broken Road. Broken Road has considerable pep and stands at the juncture of country and rock. Fans of the sixties C&W heyday, CCR, or contemporary acts like Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers. The much more cosy and emotive Son of Mine showcases a tremendous amount of emotion. This heartfelt love resounds loudly through the track, imbuing listeners with a warm feeling that will last for a considerable time. It is during Son of Mine that the instrumentation steps up its game; as each element pushes its partner to something greater, Monrovia becomes stronger.

Come On Home has a delightful bit of intense drumming that punctuates the band’s overall sound. The inclusion of these drums provides a bold and blooming aura to the track; the Down Home Band captures lightning in a bottle with this track.  End of the World and Drink To Remember put an emphatic end to Monrovia, and showcases an act that continually experiments in the creation of the best possible sound. Visit for more information about the act, their videos, and a way to purchase a copy of Monrovia. Here’s to hoping that the band can continue to be successful; the music contained here will have listeners rooting for the act.

Top Tracks: Come On Home, End of the World

Rating: 8.5/10

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