Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vaudeville Vendetta CD Review


The Messenger is a soulful track that deftly blends the instrumental and vocal sides of Vaudeville, creating a statement that is much greater than the sum of its constituent elements. The production of this track (and is present on the whole of Vendetta) allows the strengths of Vaudeville to be highlighted; V represents a distinctly different side to the act. Soaring upon hints on indie-rock, peppered by hints of surf and desert rock, Vaudeville is able to spin off in a bold new direction. The epic feel of V is countered nicely but the more rough and raw Into the Mouth of Madness. This track has a greater sense of urgency and takes up the rock of Queens of the Stone Age and Muse.

Restless Souls leads off with nothing more than a guitar and gains a darker and more brooding set of trappings when the drums kick in. The bold swaths cut by each instrumental inclusion showcase a band that is incredibly confident (and rightfully so) in the music that they create. Vaudeville creates tracks that may work in a specific genre or style, but there is nowhere on the album that the band is ever wanting for new content. With tracks like Bitter Prophecy and White Light rounding out the pack, Vaudeville is able to close off the album with the same emphatic style which opened it.

Make sure to visit Vaudeville’s websites for more information about the band and news about any live dates or additional releases. Vendetta is a solid album from the top to the bottom, and it provides listeners with a good introduction to an eclectic and electric band.

Top Tracks: Bitter Prophecy, Into the Mouth of Madness

Rating: 8.9/10

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