Monday, November 18, 2013

Wild Turkey Forgiven Review




The small batch allows distillers to provide unique and challenging efforts, no matter what type of spirit that they are creating. The newest Wild Turkey effort, the 2013 bottling of Forgiven, is built off of the backs of a high-proof rye and a solid bourbon. Forgiven has a fairly light gold / honey color. After the bottle is opened, an introductory whiff will provide imbibers with hints of ginger, molasses, and caramel. This nose opens up nicely after an amount is poured; purchasers will be able to taste hints of oak, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves amongst a properly-sweet amount of mint, sugar, and vanilla. The warmth provided with each sip will stick around long after the drink / shot / glass has been downed; the Forgiven’s flavor profile and inimitable experience will not soon be forgotten. The spirit does best neat or on the rocks, but it will provide a distinctive flavor to any of the usual suspect of whiskey-containing mixed drinks (Manhattan, the Brown Derby, Blackberry Smash).


Wild Turkey Forgiven is the best brand extension that we’ve experienced here at NeuFutur this year. A 750 ml bottle of Forgiven will run about $45-50, and can be found at an increasingly-dwindling set of liquor stores. A bottle of Forgiven is a perfect gift for anyone (of age) that likes unique whiskies or has been a fan of Wild Turkey’s efforts in the past. What have you thought about the spirit?


Rating: 9.5/10


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