Monday, November 4, 2013

CODE premiere new song "White Triptych"

UK based avant-garde metallers CODE premiere another new track entitled “White Triptych” that can be experienced in the form of a lyric video, which is hosted by Metal Hammer UK. The band’s new album Augur Nox will be released on November 19th in Europe/UK and November 26th in North America via AGONIA RECORDS. Listen to “White Triptych” at:




Augur Nox is the first album featuring CODE‘s new lineup of Aort, Wacian, Syhr, LORDt and Andras. The brand-new material demonstrates the band’s fresh personnel in a vivid light, confirming CODE‘s position as a radiant gem in the extreme metal world. It displays a multifaceted approach: from stunning wide-ranging vocals, otherworldly clean passages and barbed metallic riffery, all filtered through a refined prism of avant-garde black metal. The album is CODE‘s most progressive effort to date, yet always captures the band’s distinct eerie and arcane vibe.


Featuring ten tracks and 2 interludes over a 55 minute playing time, Augur Nox is a bold step forward where acute songwriting and expansive experimentation go hand in hand. CODE‘s sound has been both refined and exaggerated at the same time, to produce a melodically dense and ambitious piece of work. The band describes the forthcoming release as their “most dynamic and challenging material to date”.


Augur Nox was mixed and mastered at Orgone Studios in London (Ghost, Cathedral, Ulver) after three years of development and pre-production.



1. Black Rumination

2. Becoming Host

3. Ecdysis

4. Glimlight Tourist

- Dx. (interlude)

5. Garden Chancery

6. The Lazarus Cord

7. The Shrike Screw

- Rx. (interlude)

8. Trace of God

9. Harmonies in Cloud

10. White Tryptych


The follow-up to 2009′s Resplendent Grotesque (nominated for a Spellemann Award in the best metal album category) will be available in digipack, limited vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl formats include: black vinyl, colour in colour vinyl (bone white/ultra clean)limited to 100 copies and a further 100 copies on swamp green/ultra clean colour in colour vinyl.


First released song:

Second released song:

New album trailer:

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