Monday, January 21, 2013

DECEPTOR's "Chains of Delusion" Out Now

UK trad thrash trio DECEPTOR have officially released Chains of Delusion via Shadow Kingdom Records.

Favorites among the metal underground since their 2005 formation, DECEPTOR  signed with Shadow Kingdom Records for the release of Chains of Delusion. This six-song slab of progressive and aggressive thrash meets trad metal mastery comes on the heels of the band’s 2011 self-released EP, Soothsayer, which Terrorizer called “modern, thrash-tinged metal at its very best.”

To order Chains of Delusion visit or where the EP is streaming in its entirety.

A video for the track “Heatseeker” has been posted at this location.

“Manic, musical excellence that should delight connoisseurs of both antique and contemporary metallurgy.” [9.25/10] – From the Dust Returned

“This truly an excellent hybrid of heavy, speed, and thrash metal.” [4/5]

“With their controlled approach to riffery peppered with NWOBHM tenets and early Speed Metal subject matter, Chains of Delusion exudes enough tasteful technical display to remain interesting in part because of – not in spite of – the kind of over-the-top, slightly off-kilter singing that some Thrash Metal bands are known for. Deceptor holds the flag high for those still believing Metal can hit all the marks by being just ‘fast’ instead of ‘blast’.” - Worn Gear Zine

DECEPTOR's "Chains of Delusion" Out Now

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