Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The All-Star project comprised of the NY based band The Infinite Staircase, along with Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ex-Ozzy Osbourne), Morgan Rose (Sevendust, Call Me No One), Kevin Martin (Candlebox, The Gracious Few) and John “JD” DeServio (Black Label Society, Cycle Of Pain) has completed work on “The Pride”, the all-star single set to hit Itunes next Tuesday via Vanity Music Group.

Co-writer, vocalist, and guitarist, Lenny Cerzosie explains the meaning of the song, and the process in which he, and vocalist  Kevin Martin took to get to that conclusion. “In terms of the writing process and the meaning behind “The Pride”… the coolest thing about it to me is that it was written by all of us, it was a group effort. Kevin, being the one who, technically, is not necessarily from the area, but has very close ties, he said “tell me what you guys experienced.. what you guys saw.. what you heard. Tell me what really went on, what people didn’t see.  Your home, your neighborhood.”

“He had a couple of pages full of just ideas, different things, the topics we wanted to touch; One of the main topics was about how the streets, how the beach came all the way to the major boulevards. The streets and our home and our memories, the things that Kevin felt, that we all felt, those were the things to talk about. Then Kevin really took charge of, well let’s now put these things in some kind of order.”

“These are our streets, this was our home” And I said, you know what, that’s awesome, but what about “These are our streets. This is our home.” Cause even though it’s washed away, it’s still our home. He was like “Yeah, you’re right! Let’s do that!” It kind of flowed from there. Kevin said, “Yeah, we are the pride.” And I said “Yeah, because New York, New Jersey, Philly, you know, we’re all about the pride” – and he’s like “Yeah, but I’m talking about the lion’s pride. Forget FEMA and Red Cross and everybody else -  we take care of our own. We’re here for a reason. We are the lion’s den, the lion’s pride, that’s what it’s about. It’s the roar. It’s the pride.” I thought that was very cool.”

“I think in the end, that’s going to be what really touches everybody; that we’re all in this together. This was a group effort and we’re all going to take care of our own and each other and that’s what the song really comes down to, it’s all about the pride.”

The track was recorded with Mike Ferretti at Architekt Music in Butler, NJ where Sevendust recently wrapped the recording of their new album, ‘Black Out The Sun’ and The Infinite Staircase continue to work on their new album.

“The Pride,” is slated for a digital release February 5 as an iTunes exclusive and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Carl V.Bini Memorial Foundation for distribution to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“Living on the Jersey shore my entire life, I was mortified at the after- effects of Hurricane Sandy,” says bassist JD DeServio. “It was heartbreaking to see all the lives that were affected throughout the tri-state area. Hopefully the song we recorded will benefit some of those unfortunate people. God bless.”

Lenny adds, “It’s nice to know that the Carl V. Bini Memorial Foundation is based on the idea of a hero from 9/11. To work with a foundation like that, that’s already something that of course anybody, especially a New Yorker, would be proud to be a part of, it’s nice to know that we have 100% confidence that all of the money that’s raised is going to go directly to people who need it.The musicians involved did not take a penny, did not ask for a penny, did not expect a penny, some of us even took money out of our pockets to make this happen. It’s a sincere movement, a sincere group and I think in the end that’s what’s going to make this project successful; that everybody involved is 100% sincere and 100% authentic and that’s what’s going to make all the difference.”

The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund was founded in honor of Firefighter Carl V. Bini, a member of the FDNY tragically taken during 9/11. The fund’s mission is to memorialize the heroism of its fallen hero by providing aid to those who so desperately need it now and in the future.


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