Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where can you find clothes for extra large men?



Very tall and large men have usually have trouble finding the right clothes because they are in the minority. Apparel manufactures mostly make clothes of M, L and XL sizes for the simple reason that they sell the most. But men who are over 6 feet and weigh over 180 lbs need clothes of sizes XXL and above. Clothes of such large sizes are sold only in a few selected stores and you should know where to find them when looking for extra large mens clothing.


If you don’t know of a good store in your area where you can find clothes for extra large men, then the next best place to look is the internet. There are several websites that sell clothes exclusively for large men. The sizes you can find range from XXL to 10XL, which can be a little confusing if you are not familiar with the scales. However, these websites usually provide an application that lets you enter your measurements and get the right size.


When measuring your size, you have to measure your height, chest, waist, hips, neck and sleeves with a measuring tape. Extra large men usually have chest and waist that measure at least 40 inches. If you know your size, make sure that the the manufacturer’s size, such as XXL and 4XL, is just right for you as different manufactures may have a slightly different interpretation for each size. Luckily, websites usually provide a guide to different sizes so that you can choose the right size.


One thing you will really like about these websites is that they usually represent several brands instead of just one brand. This means you can find clothes of almost any brand, including your favorite big men Polo shirts, pants, sweaters, jumpers, shoes, hats and fashion accessories. It amazing to know how everything is at the tip of your finger; all you have to do is click the mouse button and flick through the web pages. You can instantly find clothes of the right sizes, colors and designs.


Another nice thing about online clothing stores is that they have various promotions and discount schemes running throughout the year. You won’t have to wait for New Year, Christmas or any other special occasion for a sale. Sometimes, there are discounts of over 50% on branded items, which makes buying clothes a pleasure. And you can buy from almost anywhere in the world as these websites deliver their merchandise to over a hundred countries around the world. Addresses within the USA can also get free delivery.


Online stores have made it so easy to find clothes for extra large men that you no longer need to have your clothes tailor-made if you are taller and bigger than the average man. However, you can also custom-order tailored clothes at no significant price difference. All you have to do are measure your dimensions, fill out the online order form, pay with your credit/debit card, and within days the clothes will arrive neatly packed. Can buying clothes get any easier than this?

Where can you find clothes for extra large men?

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