Monday, January 21, 2013

Different Types of TV Brackets

The traditional CRT TV, which has served mankind so well, is quickly going out of fashion and the slim and flat LCD/LED TV is receiving top priority in everyone’s shopping list. Besides being light and elegant, these new TVs offer far better viewing experience than their bulky predecessor. They come with advanced technologies such as such as 3D images and sound and WiFi capability that have changed the way we watch TV. One way you can further improve your TV viewing experience is by mounting them on television brackets.


A television mount or bracket is a robust frame-like structure that you can fix against the wall.  It is made of aluminum, steel or other composite material. Since it is made to hold and support the TV, it has to be very strong. But it also has to look like a natural extension of the TV. This means that it has to have the same color, appearance and a matching design. A bracket that looks starkly differently than the TV can distract your eyes and spoil the entire TV viewing experience.


When shopping for TV brackets, you will be presented with several different options, including ultra slim TV brackets. However, all of the different types of TV brackets can be divided into three basic categories: flat TV wall mounts, tilting TV wall mounts and full-motion TV wall mounts. It is needless to add here that each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following is a brief description of each type:


  • Flat TV wall mounts: If you like your TV fixed permanently against the wall at a convenient viewing angle, then you should get a flat TV wall mount. It is inexpensive and easy to install. But once you fix it against the wall, you cannot adjust it. Despite this drawback, many people actually like it because it adorns their wall beautifully. It is suitable for very large LCD or LED TVs that provide a wide viewing angle.


  • Tilting TV wall mounts: This is for those who like to watch TV for hours from the comfort of the couch – sometimes sitting straight, sometime reclining sideways, sometimes lying flat on their back, and sometimes lying flat on the belly. Here also the bracket is mounted against the wall, but it can be tilted in different angles so that you can have a clear view of the screen no matter in what position you are. It is more expensive than the flat mount also more difficult to install.


Full-motion TV mounts: This is suitable for people who like to watch their TV while working. Also called cantilever TV wall mount, you can tilt and swivel it in any direction you like. If you want to watch TV when working in the kitchen or while eating in your dining room, then this is the type of TV bracket you should have. However, it is costlier than the above two and also more difficult to install. But the flexibility it offers amply compensates for the higher price.

Different Types of TV Brackets

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