Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inciner-8 (Fat Burning / Caffeine)


The sheer amount of energy that is provided through supplementation with Inciner-8 is astounding; there is no jitteriness present here, while the energy presented is very long-lasting. I believe that this is due to the supplement’s formulation, which ties together 100 milligrams of caffeine with 7-Keto (a DHEA formulation) and Capsicum fruit extract. This energy is moderated through the inclusion of GreenSelect Phytosome and 5-HTP. 5-HTP is essential to anyone that wishes to supplement with a caffeine-containing product for any length of time.

The inclusion that pushes Inciner-8 beyond other similar products has to be the Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract. This ensures that continually kept off. We were able to supplement with Inciner-8 for an extended length of time and have been able to conduct both cardio and heavy-weight training without any incident. Inciner-8 shows that supplements made by stores can be of the highest quality; this product should be included in the medicine cabinet of anyone that is looking to break plateaus while staying happy and healthy.

While there seems to be a specific audience in mind for a supplement, I believe that gains can be seen by those that are casual and long-time fitness buffs. Interested individuals can purchase a supply of Inciner-8 from; tell us the experiences that you have had with Inciner-8 and other products.

Rating: 8.6/10

Inciner-8 (Fat Burning / Caffeine) /

Inciner-8 (Fat Burning / Caffeine)

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