Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shall Ocin – Crash Into My Love EP

Culprit continue their winter scouting tour of Europe in search of young producers on the brink of creative greatness. For their 32nd EP release, the label makes a stop in Barcelona, recruiting the emerging talent of Argentian-born Nicolas Abalos aka Shall Ocin to join the cause. Ocin’s ‘Crash Into My Love’ EP is part of an exciting first wave of accomplished music arriving from the artist and expands the label’s exploration of
deep, just left-of-center modern house music.

Yet another gifted and hard working producer who’s successfully crafted his own sound in a very short period of time, Shall Ocin is in the midst of an artistic breakthrough with distinct releases recently on Leftroom and Ellum Audio. Striking in its crisp sound design and adventurous in its sonic ideas, ‘Crash into My Love’ is the work of a self-assured talent. Its three originals fall within the underground dance music spectrum that Culprit specialises in: deep and nuanced, yet propulsive and dance-floor ready; placed perfectly between primal and cerebral, between esoteric
and immediate.

The EP carries a few coherent themes: its heavy electronic bounce underpinning jazzy instrumental passages that belie the producer’s deep musicality, with slightly eerie vocal touches – Shall’s own – connecting the dots. ‘Crash Into My Life’ is the EP’s most punchy and percussively strong statement and its most dance-floor engaging, with the improvisational electric guitar riffs adding a special element. The
Vibe is deeply nocturnal and foreboding. ‘Don’t Come Here’ also bristles with the bouncy energy, its processed vocal the most energetic part of the EP. ‘My Little World’ is the most plaintive and emotional track on the release, its acoustic guitar and bassline parts complementing the hopeful vocal hook.

Culprit’s Canadian compadres, My Favorite Robot, make a much welcomed debut appearance on the label, delivering a slice of contagious electro funk with their interpretation of the title track featuring heavy bassline riffs sure to get many a floor
Track Listing:
A1. Crash Into My Love
A2. Crash Into My Love (My Favorite Robot Remix)
B1. Don’t Come Here
B2. My Little Worldtimthumb

Shall Ocin – Crash Into My Love EP

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