Monday, January 21, 2013

Magic Hat #9, Pistil, Elder Betty (4.5% ABV)


We received a few brews from Magic Hat and are pleased to report that each effort has a decidedly different bent than the rest of the line. It is this ability to create unique flavor profiles that makes their flagship (and year-around) beer #9 such a stand-up effort. This “Not Quite Pale Ale” contains an alluring opening that leads forth into a full-bodied flavor. While there is a little bitterness to the #9, the crispness and fruit-filled notes create a very fulfilling brew.

Magic Hat’s Pistil is a fresh and vibrant beer that gains its unparalleled flavor through inclusion of dandelion petals. The malty body creates a duality that is experienced in varying qualities; one will be surprised each time they sip Pistil. The taste ends abruptly, allowing for a clean palette with which to enjoy the beer. Pistil can be found from the middle of January out until the end of March.

Of the three beers provided, we found ourselves to be the biggest fans of Elder Betty. Elder Betty is a wheat ale that stands away from the pack. The inclusion of elderberry adds a slight tinge of fruit flavor to a tried and true summer beer. While not enough to overpower the wheat focus of the hefeweizen, Elder Betty blasts past other fruit-touched hefeweizens. The Elder Betty can be purchased from April 1st to July 31st.

Magic Hat is one of those breweries that have grown considerably because of the quality of their beer, rather than having a marking juggernaut creating false demand.  Make sure to pick up #9, Pistil, and Elder Betty (when the latter two are in season) from your local well-stocked beer store or at the hip and keyed in bar in your town.

Rating: 9.1/10

Magic Hat #9, Pistil, Elder Betty (4.5% ABV) /

Magic Hat #9, Pistil, Elder Betty (4.5% ABV)

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