Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monsuno: Destiny (DVD) Review


Monsuno is centered around five teenage adventures that have been able to The initial volume of Monsuno: Destiny contains five episodes (Clash, Courage, Underground, Wicked, and Knowledge) that will properly introduce the main characters and set the stage for the rest of the season. Monsuno is one of those rare shows that does not presuppose familiarity with the product; an individual can pick up a copy of the Destiny DVD and be utterly ready to watch new episodes or marathons.

The DVD is rounded out through the inclusion of a few features; there are exhaustive character biographies that will allow viewers to gain a better appreciation for their motivations and desires in the show. The episodes begin to tell the story of those impacted by Monsuno, and I would love to see exactly what is in store for this band of friends and the rest of the colorful crew which rounds out each minute of the show.

As this is the initial Monsuno release, make sure to buy this DVD release to show Shout Factory that it is beneficial for them to continue to release these collections in a timely fashion. This initial Monsuno release can be purchased at any online or well-stocked brick and mortar location. New episodes of the show can be viewed on Nicktoons; give their website a spin for more information about when these episodes will air.

Rating: 8.5/10
monsunodestinyvol1Monsuno: Destiny Volume 1 (DVD) / 2012 Shout Factory / 110 Minutes /

Monsuno: Destiny (DVD) Review

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