Saturday, January 24, 2015

22 Hertz Interview

We’re sitting down with 22 Hertz.

Let’s get right to it – What’s your story?

How did your latest album move from initial thought to finished effort? Through lots of anguish and dread. I kind of knew what type of album I wanted to write but I wasn’t feeling the best those days. I was going through a depression and had to do everything myself(including learning how to use Cubase and gear). That’s why it took so long. In the process I moved twice, once to another province all together. I didn’t want to give up though because deep down inside I knew I was on to something.

What was the recording process for the new album like? I got a pretty decent recording chain. I tracked everything at home and got the album mixed at a studio through a console with outboard gear and plugins. Albeit I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I basically told the mixing engineer what I wanted22hz_03_2010

What artists and styles most influence your overall sound? Mostly old Nine Inch Nails(2005 and older) I grew listening to Led Zep, Metallica(old), Black Sabbath and New Wave, even some dance music songs then diversified Into stuff like Steve Vai. In 2009 I saw my first Nine Inch Nails concert and I was hooked. In a nutshell most successful bands in the heavy rock/metal genre.

Which track on Detonate is your favorite? What significance does the song have for the band? I don’t really have a favorite but performing Detonate is really fun, it also is the first song I wrote for 22Hertz. It was kind of a test song to see if I can actually write the album I had in mind. I tested it online and the positive reviews helped me to trust myself and gave me confidence to keep going.

How has the band evolved since your earliest cuts? It’s actually a solo project but new I wanted to perform it live when the time came. I was assembling a live band back in Montreal where I was living but that all went down the toilet when I moved to Toronto. When I moved here I didn’t know anyone or have any connections so I actually had to start all over.

Are there any live dates or events that you will be performing to support the new release? We will be playing at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto on Fri Feb 27. We will be playing a lot of other shows in 2015 including some festivals. I’d love to do a tour all over America and we will when the time is right.

How can interested readers find out more about 22 Hertz? That’s easy just head down over to They can download the songs for FREE. We are also on most popular social media websites like Facebook. 22Hertz_album cover TUNECORE 800x800

What has provided more of your fans – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or traditional word of mouth? I come from a marketing background and seeing up to the point of the album being released, we never played any live shows so most of the fans came from online marketing attempts. Although more word of mouth is happening now after our first show.

Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any final thoughts for us at NeuFutur?

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