Monday, January 19, 2015

Omar Bowing 432 Hz CD Review

The sheer amount of intensity that Omar Bowing brings to his first album will ensure that listeners stay at the edges of their seats from beginning to end. Virus is a track that has every side – screamed-out vocals, splashy drums, and Machine Head meets Coal Chamber styled arrangements – working towards a specific outcome. The dense and deep approach that is taken during the onset of Earthquake showcases Bowing’s technical skill, as the spacing of the track is carefully crafted to create a more deep and intricate sound. When Bowing kick things into higher gear, what results is a more spontaneous heavy metal / rock track coming from the Tool meets Korn tradition.CD-cover-plane

Evilution (Waltz) is the high-water mark for 432 Hz, as listeners will be led down a menagerie of bold guitar work, forceful drum beats, ad will see how Bowing ties together these disparate elements. There is still the heaviness present that was first presented during the onset of 432 Hz, but there is a much more “And Justice For All”-era Metallica sound that is cultivated during this unique cut. Fear Free is one of the shortest tracks on Bowing’s latest, but Omar is talented enough to make the track resound loudly with listeners long after the track has ceased. This effort links together acts like Alice in Chains and Marilyn Manson into something that is much more current and contemporary; the production makes it into a no brainer for inclusion on rock radio rotation or heavy Youtube play.

Make it a point to list to the variety of samples on Bowing’s web site and purchase a copy of 432 Hz directly from Omar. Here’s to hoping he will be able to build off of the works exhibited on 432 Hz, as this is an album we’ve spun often at NeuFutur.

Top Tracks: Evilution (Waltz), Fear Free

Rating: 9.0/10

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