Friday, January 16, 2015

Looking: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray

Looking has been one of HBO’s hottest properties, and this collection contains the entirety of the first season of the show. The trio of men that the Looking centers around are in a very compelling and understandable journey throughout life in San Francisco. The taut writing is enough to keep viewers coming back for more, as the evolutions of the experiences had by Agustin (Frankie Alvarez), the artist, Dom (Murray Bartlett), the waiter, and Patrick (Jonathan Groff), the video game designer. The story arc seems a little syncopated through the first season, but “Looking for Gordon Freeman” is a finale that provides some answers while allowing the show to change and shift for Looking’s second season. The pacing that Looking employs imbues an air of realism to the show; where a number of efforts seem to rush through plots and interactions, Looking allows for a greater depth to be had for intentions and desires of those that we see on television.94904_large

The video quality of the Blu-Ray release is sharp, providing a realism to the shots and overall ambience of the show. The audio quality is decidedly crisp to the point that watchers will be able to discern every comment, response, and retort separate from the ambient noise.

The sheer amount of commentaries that were laid for The Complete First Season release are astonishing, allowing for listeners to receive a great deal of additional information about actor’s motivations, shots staged, and other hard to find tidbits and trivia. Looking: The Complete First Season is available at video stores and online storefront alike. The second season of Looking began on January 11th, and will continuing through February and early March.

Rating: 9.0/10


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