Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baïki Globalienation CD Review

Walk The Line is a powerful rock track that pushes forth equal amounts of vocals and instrumental elements. The taut arrangements that are present during this track is reminiscent of an early Billy Bragg or Jello Biafra. No Way Out begins with a strong drum beat and raucous guitar line that is punctual while still having that spontaneity needed to keep things interesting from beginning to end. There are hints of Detroit rock, eighties California punk, and hints of the swirling eddies of indie rock that would come out during the mid nineties. Baïki has an unmatched intensity to the tracks on Globalienation that will keep listeners on the edges of their seat from the opening strains of Le glaive et l’auréole to Pet Peril.Baïki

Rhyme Sacrifice is the catchiest track on Globalienation, something that is only possible because the component elements of the band have such a high level of familiarity with each other – the arrangement that is present here will burrow itself deeply into the minds and hearts of anyone that is listening in. Baïki is able to take up an American Idiot-era Green Day and Flogging Molly style to appease fans of more party-heavy punk sounds. Plus Vite is a deliberate and deep track that will whip listeners into a frenzy; the ability of Baïki to turn on a dime in regards to the overall approach that the band takes is simply unheard of in current music. There are brief overtures made to a more heavy / black metal styles that keeps into something much more elaborate and effecting – it is the skill of the band that shows here as they are able to link together these two distinct styles into something that is a high-water mark for this album.   Pet Peril shows that Baïki is able to keep things interesting even over the course of a full length album. There is a dark and brooding sound that is cultivated through this track that is reminiscent of Rob Zombie and Frank Zappa, all while draped with Baïki’s inimitable style.

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Top Tracks: Walk The Line, No Way Out

Rating: 8.4/10

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