Friday, January 16, 2015

The Atticus Institute DVD Review

The Atticus Institute is the latest title from Peter Safran (Buried, Scary Movie, and The Conjuring), and ties together a solid cast that includes John Rubenstein (Desperate Housewives, Angel), William Mapother (The Mentalist, Lost), Rya Khilstedt (Home Alone 3, TV’s Nashville), and Sharon Maughan (Holby City, By The Sword Divded). The film surrounds Dr. Henry West, who had the titular location commandeered by the U.S. Government. A special client – Judith – shakes everything up. The sheer evil and spite that is conveyed through Judith during The Atticus Institute will have viewers shaken to their very cores. The overall set design here adds a grim and dark feeling to this title, providing additional immersion for reviewers. The film is framed as a documentary, with a proper gravitas that is inserted in to the storytelling that makes it feel as if one could watch the feature on television. While large names, the actors in the film do tremendously in establishing a solid backstory for each role that they slip into – the collective effort is a solid film with high replay value.


There are a few extra features that are present during this DVD release; “The Making of The Atticus Institute” is a rare look into the nitty gritty of the film production process, while a few scenes are given further context through the presence of deleted scenes.

The Atticus Institute comes in a Blu-Ray format as well; expect to spend about $23 for the DVD and $27 for the Blu-Ray edition. Visit the Anchor Bay website for additional information about their slate of films and upcoming releases through 2015. The Atticus Institute will be available at video stores and from a wide variety of online retailers beginning on January 20th.

Rating: 8.4/10

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