Monday, January 12, 2015

Don Kesson Drinking With The Angels CD Review

Winds of Change  is effecting, melodically solid, and possesses a dynamism that will tattoo the song’s melodies deep into the psyche of listeners. The extended guitar / drum dynamic tells more of a story than ten pop tracks, while the added presence of Kesson’s vocals here creates considerable depth. The titular effort on Drinking With The Angels is a very traditional country effort that would sound perfect in the late sixties or early seventies. To keep things interesting for current fans, there is an honestness to Kesson’s voice that will easily draw listeners in.Don-Kesson

The solid production of the constituent tracks on Drinking With The Angels will keep these listeners on the edges of their seats, as every drum hit, guitar line, or smooth Kesson vocal works together to create something that will stick with listeners long after the title ceases. The deliberate arrangement of Nothing to Regret makes for an impressive late-album effort. The gradual increase in the track’s tempo and interaction between vocal and instrumental elements makes for one of Drinking With The Angels’ strongest track. No part of this track is left wanting – there are thick and ropy bass lines, introspective guitar arrangements, punctual percussion, and a soulful set of vocals that will give current country artists a run for their money. Kesson throws a crossover track with Thinking About You – there is a sixties singer-songwriter style (James Taylor, Paul Simon) that is interspersed through this touching track.

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Top Tracks: Drinking With The Angels, Winds of Change

Rating: 8.6/10

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