Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kanro Pure Gummy Candy

The number of different candies that are available from Japan, with a great deal of new products rolled out every season. Kanro’s Pure Gummy candies are new to NeuFutur; the product comes in a variety of flavors (Peach, Grape, and Lemon); the sour powder that is present in the middle of Pure Gummy Candy allows for a more dense set of flavors to be present with each subsequent bite. The candy does well in approaching the intricacies of a fresh piece of the fruit. The softer and more-rounded peach flavor continually refreshes itself, while the grape variant is balanced in the sweet and sour elements that are present when one eats grapes off the vine.


This is not the overwhelmingly sour flavor profile that a great many American candy companies include in their sour candies. As such individuals that are not a fan of the tart and puckering flavors will be able to appreciate what Pure Gummy Candy presents. Each bag of the candy are 1.6 ounces, contain around 11 pieces of the candy and weigh in at about 140 calories. There is a small amount of sodium – 50 milligrams or 2 percent of our daily value. The total carbohydrates stack up at around 33 grams which corresponds to 11% of an adult’s requirements. There is a small amount of protein that is present in pure gummy which is due to the gelatin that is culled from fish there is about 10 percent of one’s calcium and 70% of vitamin C that is present in a bag of Kanro Pure Gummy Candy. Look to spend around 2 to 3 dollars for a bag of the candy and check out the other flavors; the candies will be sold at specialty sweet stores and import markets.

Rating: 8.2 /10

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