Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ruthless Cut New Album for 2015

With vintage ’80s metal sounds experiencing an unmistakable renaissance, Los Angeles cult metallists Ruthless have picked the perfect time to unleash a reunion disc (their first in 29 years!) titled ‘They Rise.’

Comprised of members Sammy D (vocals), Kenny McGee (guitars/vocals), Dave Watson (guitars), Marc McGee (bass/vocals), and Jason Van Slyke (drums), Ruthless’ reunion was not a pre-planned proposition, according to McGee. “This just kinda happened. Me and Sam were just thinking of doing some recordings…not even thinking Ruthless would ever happen again. But, after our new drummer, Jason, came down, the first practice, we went, ‘Wow!!!’ We fit together perfectly!”

And McGee is a firm believer in the new material (which was produced and engineered by Bill “Slayer, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint” Metoyer) – “I think this new album compares to the ‘Metal Without Mercy’ album. The opening song, ‘Defender,’ just kicks your ass! Second song, ‘Laceration,’ is very melodic/slow picking in the intro, and then kicks into a killer double harmony riff. Third song, ‘They Rise,’ is another favorite – heavy bass riff and guitars. It lifts you up and drops you down. Also, ‘Time Waits’ is a slower song with very emotional singing – Sammy tears it up on the vocals.”

Beginning today, fans will be able to rediscover/discover one of the best kept metal secrets of the 1980’s.


Responsible for two classics of the metal underground the 1984 EP ‘Metal Without Mercy’ and 1986’s full-length ‘Discipline of Steel,’ Ruthless picks up exactly where they left off with their new disc, which can be purchased via the following links:

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