Sunday, February 1, 2015

Upslope Brown Ale

The Brown Ale that has been crafted by Colorado’s Upslope Brewing company revitalizes a venerable beer style while keeping all of the nuances of the original form. Upslope’s Brown Ale pours with a brown to dark brown coloration and a tannish/beige head that persists as one continues. The beer takes on additional coffee (roasty, with a slight hint of bitterness) notes to add additional complexity to this effort. Upslope’s dedication on providing further twists and turns to a well-trod style makes the resulting beer absolutely memorable. The thicker and substantial body of this Brown Ale allows these decidedly different aspects the ability to shine in harmony with one another. The panoply of flavors acts to refresh imbiber’s palettes, meaning that a few cans will be sufficient to make for a memorable night.857995485

The beer has a malty backbone that is bolstered through the inclusion of a nice alcohol presence. The beer is able to keep a constant flavor as it warms up, with smaller notes such as brown sugar and caramel become present in subsequent sips. Even at a near-7% clip, the Brown Ale is eminently drinkable. Where the mouth feel of darker beers like stouts is a fary cry from the average ale, this Brown Ale can have the rich array of elements without separating itself from a more refreshing experience.

Upslope’s Brown Ale is available all year. For more information about the brewery’s year-round (and seasonal) effort, check out their domain.

Rating: 8.7/10

Upslope Brown Ale / 6.7% ABV /