Monday, February 9, 2015

Tocolo Cantina Review

We were able to sit down and experience Tocolo Cantina in Garden City, New York and had a fulfilling experience. The restaurant prides itself in providing a new sheen to Mexican fare, to break customer’s minds from the boring and drab offerings of many local Mexican stops. The restaurant is able to have an expansive menu with prices that are incredibly approachable. Tocolo Cantina’s tacos are where they shine the brightest. The queso fresco present in the lamb taco imparts some bright freshness to the dish.


The Baja Fish taco platter is spiced wonderfully, with considerable density given to the dish through the inclusion of the restaurant’s red fresco lime mayo. For those couples wanting a memorable dish, the Platos Grandes ratchet the luxury up nicely. The whole fish presented guests in the Branzino plate only takes a short while to make it to the table, but the constellation of flavors, spices, and overall tacks taken will tantalize anyone lucky enough to grab a bite.

The house drinks that Tocolo Cantina provide imbibers with a panoply of different options, linking together drinks made with el Jimador, Avion, Herradura, and Lunazul. For those into other spirits, Tocolo Cantina has a number of interesting cocktails. Our favorite was the Mexitini, which utilizes Ketel One, jalapeno stuffed olives, and vermouth into a spicy and thirst-quenching effort.

During the winter months, Tocolo Cantina offers an extended Happy hour from noon to 6 PM on Mondays through Fridays. Make it a point to add their Facebook for the latest in updates about the restaurant and visit their domain for additional information about their menu and pictures of their facilities and plates. The website also allows individuals, couples, or families the ability to reserve a table.

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