Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dena Taylor – Lullabies

The CD, Lullabies, began as a way of answering the many requests that jazz vocalist Dena Taylor received asking that she turn her voice toward a CD of lullabies. It was during the recording sessions of the CD that it became the basic support system for a charity Dena created following the abuse and subsequent death of a 3 year old toddler. That charity is The Lullaby Project dedicated to getting the comforting and loving sounds of lullabies into the ears of children who have been traumatized by abuse, illness or family crisis.


The music itself is touching, with Taylor’s unparalleled vocals breathing new life into classic songs. The tracks are further bolstered through a production and overall instrumentation that allows for a calm and cozy feeling to issue forth, without too much in the way of startling or otherwise jarring noises.

There are a number of classic lullabies that have been laid down by Taylor; the list includes Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel), You Are My Sunshine, and Brahms’ Lullaby. Other tracks delve deeper into the corpus of sedate, child-focused music; All the Pretty Little Ponies, Make You Feel My Love, and Dormi Dormi Dormi work well in tandem with the more noticeable tracks. We at NeuFutur loved An Irish Lullaby (Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra); there is a complexity to the instrumental arrangements that is provided additional depth when Taylor’s vocals pull double duty as lyrics-bearer and as another melody weaved into the overall fabric of the composition.

To listen to or purchase Lullabies, visit: www.denataylor.info/musicstore A dedicated portion of each sale, both digital and Limited Edition CD, through Taylor’s website will go into The Lullaby Project.

To learn more about The Lullaby Project, visit: www.denataylor.info/lullabies Not only will you learn all about it but you’ll have the opportunity to help support the charity through a link to the project’s GoFundMe account. What funds aren’t used to purchase the MP3 players that will be given to the children for whom the charity was created will be donated to a 501.c.3 organization focused on child abuse. The first donation recipient will be Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

Top Tracks: An Irish Lullaby (Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra), My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Dena Taylor – Lullabies / 2015 Self / www.denataylor.info/ / www.denataylor.info/#!lullabies/c16c0