Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lodge L10SKG3 Cast Iron Skillet w/Tempered Glass Cover

Lodge has bundled their popular ten-inch skillet with a glass lid, allowing purchasers the ability to drastically increase the amount of dishes one can cook in their skillet. The While the skillet came to us preseasoned, the cast iron takes on additional seasoning very well. Remove the glass cover and turn a stove up to 500 degrees (or whatever high temperature setting), and one can give their pizzas a crisper and bright flavor. The tempered glass of the lid will withstand temperatures to about 400 degrees, meaning that the skillet can be placed in an oven to ensure that an item is kept warm or is properly finished. Sauces, fried chicken, and fish turn out wonderfully when cooked in the skillet.


The sheer density of the cast iron allows for a more even cooking of items as the skillet is able to hold the heat applied to it for a considerable time. Where there seems to be some variation to the heat on a pan when one a smaller range, the density of the cast iron makes for a cooking surface that will cook everything in a similar fashion and in a certain amount of time. The overall cooking process in the Cast Iron feels quicker than in comparable products; aromatics are able to be sweated in a blink of an eye while the char that is applied to hash browns or steaks. After one is finished with their dish, the seasoning makes clean up little more than wiping down and setting the skillet up for the next use.logo

One can find Lodge cast iron offerings at a wide variety of retailers, while their website has tons of information about their product lines, the ability to purchase harder-to-find (or online exclusive) items, and for a variety of recipes that one can prepare indoors and outside.

Rating: 9.5/10

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