Friday, February 20, 2015

Them Howling Bones S/T CD Review

Let a Cold Man Die is the star of Them Howling Bones’ self-titled EP. There is an early twentieth century blues / call and response style that is updated for fans of current hard rock acts (Jet, Airbourne, Queens of the Stone Age). Great depth on the arrangements here makes this ready for rock rotation.


Follow You Home is another great introduction to Them Howling Bones; there is a very organic sound that is crafted here. The slinkiness of the bass and drums are matched perfectly by the Elvis meets Jim Morrison vocals that issue forth. The band is able to craft a hell of a groove, spinning it ever so slightly to keep listeners interested from beginning to end.

Down The Well is a slower track that allows the nuance of the band to shine; the soulful singing that is front and center is paralleled only by the raw passion and ability of the drums and guitars. The fuzzy, retro sound of the production further sets the stage until listeners can imagine they are in some smoky biker bar in the late-sixties. The harmonies that are weaved through this track will resound loudly with fans and will stick firmly in their minds and hearts long after the track has ceased to spin.

Make sure to visit the Them Howling Bones domain for additional information about the band or take one of their social media accounts for a spin; the latest information will be on the later. The sheer energy and raw talent that Them Howling Bones possess makes me extremely hopeful that they will continue to craft their unique and intense form of rock music.

Top Tracks: Let a Cold Man Die, Follow You Home

Rating: 8.6/10

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