Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Johnny Vieira Interview

Hello, Johnny. You have been in the Entertainment business for a good clip, but our readers may not be immediately familiar with your work. Can you describe to us what your role is in the Entertainment industry , and what variety of hats does a manager wear?


JV :  I am a full time Personal Manager and that means I’m on the clock 24/7 available to my artists at all time. I still try to make time to produce and write songs but lately it’s been hard to find the time for writing.

In response to your second question , a good manager wears many hats. Especially the past few years when record labels are no longer supporting any development for new artist and acts. I not only have to find the right artist but also need to spend a lot of time building the brand and making sure the act or artist is ready for a major platform when the opportunities arise.

How difficult is it to bring an artist to a national stage?

JV: Nowadays it’s harder than ever to break an act. Even the most talented artists such as Bre Kennedy take years to break because there are so many artists fighting for a spot on a national level. but with a lot of hard team work between management and the artist success can eventually prevail.10509475_10152911533325832_6118493402223735317_n

How has the role played by management in artist development changed in the years since you began?

JV : Absolutely things have changed. Back when I started we could still count on a record label to eventually come in and help break a new act. Now that is unheard of so we have to carry the ball all the way into the end zone. It makes for a much longer investment of time and money for my company so we better be right when we sign something.

What is the story on how you started managing Breanna Kennedy ?

JV: Bre was brought to me by a colleague of mine to audition for me. Shewas a Maverick talent spotter so I knew this would be somebody I needed to meet. In my business you need to be able to put certain filters in place or you will be inundated with tons of auditions and demos. I met Breanna when she was only 16 years old. I auditioning guitar players for a teen girl rock band I had just created called Early April and Bre asked if she could sing for me and play guitar. I said we already have a singer but go ahead. The minute she started I knew I had a phone call to make to let the original singer go. I have been working and managing Breanna ever since . She has grown and changed so much over the past few years and has blossomed into a real singer songwriter. I could not be more proud of her.

What is the name of your business or businesses ?

JV: I originally started J.O.T.S productions back in 2001 and then phased into J.O.T.S Entertainment. In 2012, I founded Johnny Vieira Management ( J.V.M. ) I certainly stay busy.

What does 2015 look like for your company and for those artists you are managing?JVM LOGO2 copy

JV: I am very excited for Breanna Kennedy ( also known as Bre Kennedy). She has relocated to Nashville and is working with so many great writers thanks to our relationship with Curvature / Kobalt Music. I also created a young male country group called The Country Boyz. I will keep some mystery on that project but think Luke Bryant meets One Direction. It’s going to be something very fresh and new.

Finally, how can some of our readers find out more information about JVM?

JV: You can reach us by phone at 310.691.4487 or email me at: We’ve had the same offices for 15 years now and in show business years thats a long time.