Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Axixic Dancing on the Moon CD Review

Dancing on the Moon’s titular track is a track that has is compelling, alluring, and punctual to a point. The track has hints of James Taylor, Warren Zevon, and George Strait. Axixic’s technical ability is what will keep fans coming back for more; the compositions that are present during Dancing on the Moon are able to seem listen and airy while possessing very dense and deep compositions. Ghosts of Huron is a perfect example of this, where listeners can appreciate the song on the surface or dissect each constituent element.


Someday I Won’t Live Here Anymore… is a slower effort that allows for a very deliberate style to be present. The beauty of the lyrics are paralleled by the dulcet tones that issue forth. The guitars and drums that are present here provide a smart backdrop, pushing the vocals to a higher plateau.

Make sure to visit Axixic’s website for more information about the performers, samples from Dancing on the Moon, Lying in My Arms inserts a jazzy horn into the mix; the track swiftly takes on a more formal, early twentieth-century American tradition. The placing of Lying in My Arms towards the end of the album is smart; ti provides listeners with additional momentum to ride through the last registers of the album. A Fine Line showcases the faster tempo of Axixic; the tremendous vocal range that is presented to listeners on this effort makes it considerably more difficult to know precisely where Axixic will go on subsequent tracks and album. Make sure to purchase a copy of Dancing on the Moon from Axixic’s Tunecore or from iTunes directly.

Top Tracks: Dancing on the Moon, Someday I Won’t Live Here Anymore…

Rating: 8.7/10

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