Monday, February 2, 2015

Reminitions Feature

Reminitions is an act located in Visalia, California; the five piece is able to create a new and unique form of hardcore, linking together tremendous musical ability with a level of hardness that is rarely seen (or heard). What results when one hears Reminitions music is something that is nothing less than revolutionary; there is a freshness and crispness that is cultivated through each of the band’s songs or live performances. If you are a fan of metal in the sligh5test, there will be something that you will be able to appreciate.

Throughout their music, Reminitions can link together Coal Chamber, Hatebreed, Machine Head, and As I Lay Dying into a cohesive and assertive package. Better Days is a track that puts the drums in the forefront to proiide a very punctual effort. When the guitars enter into the equation, there is a considerably different sound that issues forth; each subasequent addition to this track allows the band to spin things into a bold new direction. The band’s ability is enough to link together these disparate elements into a cohesive sound, one that will stick around listeners’ brains for weeks (if not months) to come.

1896921_722237187883643_6764802407178131640_nThe complexities that are present in Reminitions’ music are recreated faithfully in a live setting; there is no simplification process that has to happen (or overdubbed guitars, drums, or bass lines that need to be included) when the band gets up on stage. The spontaneity that occurs during live performances allows listeners to come to the venue and hear something considerably different than they have been treated to in studio recordings. Prevail is a perfect example of the band’s skill; there is a fury that is presented with the drums, guitars, and vocals that will immediately get fans into the pit. There is still a sense that harmonies are being created and that the track is not just brining heavy to the masses – the band is able to for the latest information and news about the band, while their ReverbNation account at is the best place to find samples of their music. The band will be releasing their latest EP sometime during the first or second quarter of 2015, so make sure to friend them on their social media to see exactly when the disc will drop or when Reminitions takes on another set of live dates.