Sunday, February 8, 2015

Seconds Before Landing 2 CD Review

Big Train is a funky bit of electronic-infused jazz that sets the stage for the rest of the album, showcasing the tremendous ability of John (Crispino) to tie together a wide variety of disparate styles. Hey Dad is a dense track that showcases Crispino’s ability to place a number of layers into a composition and have it sound unified. Subsequent listeners will be required to hear everything that has been placed into the track.a1867927157_2 (1)

My Perfect Girl is a track that links together the seventies (CSNY, John Denver), eighties (Dire Straits, Dee Snider), and the nineties (Dave Matthews, “We Can’t Dance”-era Genesis)  and links it together into something that is timeless. The song is able to bounce back and forth between styles and tempos to keep the overall clip of Seconds Before Landing 2 high. The song moves into a much more heavy and brooding set of influences for its second half. This movement ensures that listeners should not rely on what they have heard to indicate what will follow; Seconds Before Landing is a spontaneous act that always is able to find the precise tacks that have to be taken for the greatest possible impact. This means that efforts like Silent Bird and Don’t Want To Feel This Way represent substantially different compositions than any other cut on 2. Don’t Want To Feel This Way has a more martial feeling that is furthered through a strong percussive beat and deliberate tempo crafted by SBL. The track is able to balance the scales between man and machine and man and woman into something that is epic. The narrative crafted between Crispino’s vocals, the female quotes, and the electronic-heavy compositions is a high point on the album.

Make sure to visit the Seconds Before Landing bandcamp for samples of 2 and the main domain for further information about the act.

Top Tracks: Don’t Want To Feel This Way, My Perfect Girl

Rating: 8.9/10

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