Friday, January 2, 2015

City Light Vigil Rebirth Single Review

Vocals are reminiscent of Tim McIlrath, with an overall heaviness that allows City Light Vigil the ability to hang well on alternative, rock, and college stations alike. The “everything to everyone” aspect of the band is executed well, with specific nods given to a wide variety of genres. This eclectic nature allows City Light Vigil the ability to connect with the largest amount of

The instrumental breakdown that unites the two sides of the track allow for a soft reset in which City Light Vigil can really amp things up nicely. The fury in which the band hurtles into the second half of Rebirth is unmatched. This means that listeners will be clinging onto the edges of their seats. The band is able to move effortlessly between the heavier and melodic approaches, making for a track that is incredibly catchy. The production of Rebirth allows the track to properly shine; the bass bubbles in the background while the drums punch through at points to the forefront. The presence of the vocals does not dwarf the rest of the band, allowing for a track that requires multiple listen to hear everything that the band has inserted.

Each element of City Light Vigil is able to combine to product an effort that is considerably larger than its constituent parts. As the track continues to its end, the increased complexity of the drum line speeds up the tempo and provides the band with the momentum that they need to end the track in a strong fashion. Visit the City Light Vigil Facebook for the most current information about the band, their live dates, and the follow-up tracks to Rebirth. For those new to the band, this single is a perfect introduction.

Rating: 8.6/10

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