Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DEVATHORN set release date for new W.T.C. album‏

W.T.C. Productions announces February 27th as the international release date for Devathorn’s long-awaited second album, Vritra. Delving into the fathomless Qliphothic depths, Vritra revives the powerful Draconian archetype of the Sulphur Dragon. Bearing the strong symbolism of the restless Adversary, Vritra embodies the fury of Leviathan, the liberating spirit of Prometheus, and the majesty of Sutekh the King. He is the dreaming Dragon Tiamat, Typhon the Destroyer, and Lucifer, the great Adversary. The aspects of Vritra reflect into the forthcoming opus of Devathorn that bears his name, emanating 11 mantras of raging black metal madness.

Devathorn’s Vritra represents the musical and lyrical evolution of the circle into a storming beast, the Mega-Therion that holds the qualities of chaos, knowledge, and death. As the firstborn of dragons, the mighty Asura Serpent trembles and whispers fiery verses that become powerful symbolizations, making the listening experience of the album resemble the fierce awakening of Kundalini, as the Draconian flame ascends to reach the Crown.

Seeking universal truths unto the principles of chaos, the Gnostic origins of faith and the serpent’s art of temptation, the listener enters the Qliphothic catacombs to witness the fiery King Sutekh roaring infernal chants within the cathedral of reptilian liberation. On a venomous path that becomes an Occam’s razor, the dragon Vritra opens his sapphire eyes, galdering mystical mantras filled with words of utter madness, to lead unto a glorious Promethean descent as he encircles the world. Salve Ars Sinistra, Ars Gratia Draconis! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Devathorn’s Vritra

I. Veritas Universalis

II. Doctrina Fide

III. Cathedral of Set

IV. Ars Diaboli

V. Cantibus Ad Messorem, Sanctus Mors

VI. Principes of Chaos

VII. Sapphires of Vritra

VIII. Verba Inermis

IX. The Venomous Advent

X. Promethean Descent

XI. Draco Adligat Mundi