Thursday, January 15, 2015

Patrick James Clark Letters to Beatrice CD Review

Busy Loving You is a softly spoken and calm effort that will impress listeners with the smart arrangements and the soulful vocals laid down by Clark. The production is spot on, ensuring that listeners will fall in love with each track only a few moments after they have started listening.Patrick_James_Clark_Cover

Business Day is a slower effort than Busy Loving You, and it allows listeners to hear a wholly different style to Clark than was presented during the EP’s initial effort. It is this shift in approaches that ensures that listeners will be able to stick with the album from beginning to end. Business Day dovetails nicely into I’m Gonna Find Her, an cut that provides a message that anyone that has ever loved will be able to identify with. The song possesses hints of country and the coffee shop, singer-songwriter tradition. The cold, sorrowful steel guitars that accompany Clark’s vocals push the track into a completely different plateau. The track is given additional fuel by the inclusion of a secondary set of vocals, giving listeners the boost that they need to close out the EP.

Warm is the final song on Letters to Beatrice, and ties together the distinct and different styles that Clark has broached during the album’s run time. The track provides a solid close to the release, but it grants listeners with some indication of where this talented performer will go in the months and years to come. Make it a point to visit Clark’s website for further information about the release, and give the social media sites a spin for the latest in information and news.

Top Tracks: I’m Gonna Find Her, Letters to Beatrice 1942

Rating: 8.7/10

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