Saturday, January 10, 2015

Selfmadegod Records Releases New Split

Belgium’s mincecore kings vs UK’s fast HC/punk veterans to team up for a split release on Selfmadegod Records!

AGATHOCLES: 9 brand new studio songs recorded at Caffeine Studios in Sao Paolo, Brazil in October 2013 on a free night when AGATHOCLES were touring in Brazil. With guestmembers and guestdrinkers of ROT, ARMAGEDDOM, CRUEL FACE and SOCIAL CHAOS. Recorded and mixed by the almighty guru Renato Gimenez.

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS: 7 brand new studio songs recorded in January 2014 by Bri DOOM at the famous 1 In 12 Club, Bradford, UK. Aggressive and ultra fast hardcore/punk mixed with grind/thrash frenzy, fueled by political lyrics. For fans of ACTIVE MINDS, DISORDER, ATAVISTIC, ELECTRO HIPPIES, L’ARM, HERESY.

The split is out now on Selfmadegod Records and can be ordered at this location while digital download is available here.

Over the years both bands have released several releases on the Polish label including “Mince Core History” series, the studio albums (AGATHOCLES) and recent full length “Them” as well as early recordings discography (SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS).



1. Living hell downfall

2. Brutality in darkness

3. Loss of innocence

4. Burning into zen

5. Edge of pain

6. Why for so long?

7. Hopeless daily war

8. Dead meat walking

9. Crackland


10. Charnel Valley

11. No More

12. Born. Consume. Die.

13. Excavated

14. Inadequate

15. Domestos

16. Welcome to Hell