Friday, January 16, 2015

OLD share new video, announce EP Who's Who

The first time the world heard something from the Swedish band OLD, based in Malmö, was in early 2014 when they released their debut single, the bouncy late-night-party track, ‘Knee Hang Gang’. Shortly thereafter came the debut 4-track EP Old Ladies Die Young. Now, many shows later, they’ve met up with producer Joakim Lindberg again at Studio Möllan in Malmö to record another 4-track EP.

The EP, titled ‘Who’s Who’, will be released on Jan 28 but they’ve decided to share a teaser from it already, in the form of new single ‘Dude’. It comes with a fabulous version by Vanessa Liftig, the excellent Gothenburg inhabitant that recently produced grooves for Wu-Tang Clan as well as with a video directed by Nina Sigurd.

The ‘Dude’ single is out now via Adrian Recordings (home to Alice Boman, YAST, Hey Elbow, This Is Head etc) and the ‘Who’s Who’ EP is due on January 28.

“You can’t do a song called ”Dude”, what are you trying to do, be international hipsters? And it gets so moralized if you tell people how not to behave. I’m just trying to help here and it’s so much better if you just boost yourself. You can be Über cool if you only want to!” – Random Dude