Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eamonn Karran Forgotten Road CD Review

Fairy Dance is a twinkling composition that is able to tell more of a story than a vocal-heavy composition. Karran’s piano work here is delicate, strong, and always interesting – listeners will be set adrift on the compositions that begin his latest composition, Forgotten Road. Angel of Tullagh Strand is much more introspective than precedent tracks on Forgotten Road, showcasing a wholly different set of sounds and approaches taken by Karran. The track taps out at a fraction above five minutes, but the deft hand of Karran makes it seem as if no time has passed. The track utilizes a large amount of open space to create something that will resound loudly with listeners long after the composition has ceased.artworks-000098795192-68o77z-t500x500

Two mid-album tracks – Beyond the Vale and Crest of Life – are a high-water mark for Karran. Beyond the Vale is a somber reflection that rises and falls in a fashion that will tattoo itself deep into the psyche of listeners, while Crest of Life showcases a composition that bridges the gap between past and present.  As the Foyle Gently Flows may be on the shorter side of tracks on Forgotten Road, but the sheer density of the arrangement means that fans will have to play the effort multiple times to hear the entirety of what Karran has laid down.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Forgotten Road from your local well-stocked music store or from a wide variety of online retailers. Visit the Real Music domain for additional information about their artists and upcoming releases on the label. Forgotten Road is a bright spot during this cold winter season.

Top Tracks: Angel of Tullagh Strand , As the Foyle Gently Flows

Rating: 8.3/10


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