Saturday, December 1, 2012

Addison Station – Suit Up EP (CD)

The high-powered energy of Addison Station makes them a lock for big things. I feel that their Suit Up EP is a perfect introduction to the act. Few bands are able to create a full-feeling effort in the EP format, but the five salvos that the band issues will make listeners stand up and join in. Burn is an amazing effort on the EP and ties together electronic, pop-rock, and vocals that link together Bruno Mars and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy).

That Girl is a perfectly-polished bit of rock that builds off of the mid-nineties (Blessid Union of Souls, Matchbox 20, and Fastball) that rides high on the back of a ropy bass line.  When Addison Station gets to the chorus, listeners will be utterly changed; That Girl is the shining star on an already-impressive EP. Feel It begins with a pounding drum line that is matched in intensity by the uniting of the vocal and guitar sides of the band. The track could easily make it onto the background of any MTV show or teen drama; this is hard-hitting while still having a tremendous amount of finesse.

Rock Like A Party Star is high-energy punk rock in the vein of Good Charlotte and Yellowcard. With shredding guitars and frenetic vocals, Addison Station will hammer in their melodies over the course of three minutes. The pop-punk style has a number of adherents, but Addison Station is able to twist and turn the genre into something vibrant and refreshing.  Check out Addison Station’s Facebook today for more information about their tour dates and their forthcoming LP.

Top Tracks: That Girl, Rock Like A Party Star

Rating: 8.7/10

Addison Station – Suit Up EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 5 Tracks /

Addison Station – Suit Up EP (CD)

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